The Barilovits Genealogy Project


Steve Geosits (FT-DNA project administrator)

This research project is open to all males who carry the Barilovits, Barilović or Barilovich surname directly from their father.   All project participants will be kept up to date on all historical and genealogical developments relating to this research, including any discovery of the family coat of arms.


Historical Background:


Research on historical documents from Austria and Croatia indicate that the surname BARILOVIĆ is related to the ancient noble family that once occupied Barilović grad and possessed lands in the Karlovac area of Croatia in the 15th century. 



The family was displaced from their castle fortification in the beginning of the 17th century when the “Militär Grenze” was established in Croatia by the Austrian military under Emperor Rudolph II.  Some of the Barilović nobility who were displaced at this time remained in Croatia, while others family branches are known to have migrated to other countries.


Roman Catholic Church records in the village of Szentpéterfa, Vas, Hungary clearly show the BARILOVITS surname listed with “nobilis” status starting in the year 1783.  Prior to that date, the entire family was listed in Szentpéterfa with the surname BARICHEVIĆ.  The reason why the name changed from Barilović to Barichević is not known.




The main purpose of the Barilovits Y-DNA Project is to test the Y-DNA of a significant sample of eligible male participants, and determine the genetic Y-DNA footprint of our Barilović ancestors.  A database of extended Barilović family can then be built which will allow us to assist others in validating their noble Croatian ancestry.


The second purpose of this research is to determine if Barilovits descendants from the village of Szentpéterfa, Vas, Hungary are directly related to Barilović family lines currently living in Croatia.  A positive result would allow us to conclude:  (1) that the Barilović to Barichević name change did occur in Szentpéterfa; and (2) any other Barilović who also tests positive, regardless of where they live, are indeed related to this same line, and can be inferred to be nobility as well, since that is how they are indicated in the Roman Catholic Church records of Szentpéterfa.


How to Participate:


If you are a male with the Barilovits, Barilović or Barilovich surname, first contact Steve Geosits at to determine if you qualify for a free Y-DNA test kit.  At this time we have a few test kits available that we purchased to get the project started.


However, if we no longer have any free test kits, we encourage you to join the project group directly, at a reduced price, so that you can compare your own genetic Y-DNA Barilović markers with other Barilović contributors, and in so doing, help our Barilović database grow.  If you do choose to join directly, please order a Y-DNA37 kit if possible, or as a minimum, a Y-DNA25 kit.   You can order your test kit from the following link at Family Tree DNA:


The test kit comes with instructions, and consists of a simple swab of the inner check with a Q-tip type of device.  No blood is drawn, it is quick and painless.  To learn more about genetic testing see this link:



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